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Welcome to the The Ouroboros Cycle WikiEdit

The Ouroboros Cycle is a novel series written by author G.D. Falksen . It is a tale of paranormal adventure, romance, and vampires that thankfully will never sparkle. It starts in the Victorian era and will continue on well through modern day times as the series goes on. 

The Ouroboros Cycle Official Book Trailer I00:59

The Ouroboros Cycle Official Book Trailer I

The Ouroboros Cycle Official Book Trailer One

The Ouroboros Cycle Official Book Trailer II01:19

The Ouroboros Cycle Official Book Trailer II

The Ouroboros Cycle Official Book Trailer Two

How far would you go to avenge the one you love? Would you go beyond death?

Born into the stifling confines of French upper society, Babette Varanus never thought that she would have to answer that question. Surrounded by wealth yet ostracized by her peers, Babette had little interest in love until she met Korbinian, a scandalous German baron with the audacity to regard her as his equal. But when the intrigues of her grandfather's enemies conspire to tear them apart, Varanus will embark upon a journey of vengeance, love, and redemption that will take her beyond the limitations of mortality and reveal to her the dark forces that command humanity from the shadows. Faced with madness, murder, hidden cults, and erudite vampires, does she have the strength to withstand the storm that rises against her?

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